Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garden Tour

Another gray and cool day, but not bad for a quick wander around the garden.  The gladies are getting ready to bust out; I guess this one above just couldn't hold back anymore.  The succulents are all flowering and the lavender that I pruned to within an inch of its life has come back with reliable purplish-blue spikes.

We're off to California for a weekend wedding - crossing my fingers we'll actually see some sun while we're there!  I'll keep my fingers crossed for all you Oregonians, too, wondering when summer is actually going to start...I'm thinking September, at this rate.


Sarah Scriberson said...

Have a great trip and very nice pictures of your garden! Seems like you are figuring out the new camera.: )

Kasia said...

Beautiful photos!
Have a safe trip and wonderful time in California. I hope you have a great weather there. It's been so cold here and cloudy and rainy...