Monday, July 18, 2011

It's been so chilly I've already worn it...

The latest little bit of loveliness to grace the handknit drawer: the knitted neckwarmer (108-53) by DROPS, knit with two strands of Malabrigo lace (colorway: alpine pearl). 

Oh, hello you in the mirror in your fabulous new cowl.

Smile!  Why so serious?  Oh yeah, 'cuz this camera takes concentration.

Self portraits are hard but I was impatient to get it on film for Ravelry (sorry to those of you for whom this is all old news).  All I can say is I LOVE this thing.  It's light, it's warm, it's oh-so soft - I mean, we're talking the bees' knees here.  I'd had this pattern in my Rav queue for ages, just gathering proverbial dust.  When I unearthed two skeins of the same colorway Malabrigo I knew what I had to do.

But what to do with the leftovers?


Oiyi said...

It's pretty and cozy looking.

Lynda said...

There were leftovers. Gosh that yarn knits and knits. It looks like you could separate them again and have a whole skein left.
I like you serious! :D

Sarah Scriberson said...

It's beautiful and we certainly are having the weather for it!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Hello! I have been here to visit, but not said a thing. Sorry. I love these photos. YOu look so glam. The cowl is lovely, and your photos have been great with your new camera. Very sharp.