Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden Tour::Part 2

Can you have too many photos of flowers?  Nah.  After this last weekend's wedding I'm still in a flowery sort of mood.  Being a bridesmaid was "hard work" (well, the four inch heels were) but it was a lot of fun also and I was so happy I could be there for a wonderful friend's special moment.  Laying out on the beach in Ventura wasn't bad, either.  But now we're home after an excruciating drive (seven a.m. to three a.m.) and all I really want to do is lounge in the weak sunlight and fool around with the camera, some new yarn and the kids (I missed them a lot!).  This won't be the last garden tour of the summer - not with the gladies out in their ruffled glory!


Kasia said...

There is no such thing as too many flower photos :)
Yours are beautiful! And these are one of my favourite flowers, my granny used to grow them in her garden.

Lynda said...

The summer garden looks lovely and so do your photos. I particularly love the lavender shot.