Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And just like that

Nearly all the trees are gone.  There is a big patch of sky visible that I had never seen before.  This new view is both liberating and uncomfortable - as change so often is. 


Lynda said...

When our neighbour cut down tall trees I felt so exposed that I said we HAVE TO MOVE. I got used to it though and we are staying put! Change is good.

Anki said...

We had a huge, I mean HUMONGOUS, gum tree cut down out the back (yes, it's horrible to cut down trees but it was a "death-trap" waiting to happen without getting too sensationalist about it).

Anyway, a crack team of 7 burly blokes came and took the whole thing down and chipped it into mulch in 45 minutes. Twas a thing to behold. No namby pamby cherry pickers though. They did it all with ropes and a ridiculous lack of fear of heights and cutting down the thing you're hanging from.

I love the sky.

knitxcore. said...

ohhhh. that's kinda scary. we have a big tree behind our house that i swear is plotting to crush us in our sleep.