Sunday, May 29, 2011

When life hands you lemons and strawberries


This Memorial Weekend has seen a lot of action so far. Our poor old plum tree was riddled with termites so when our neighbors cut their termite-eaten trees down they offered to cut ours down as well, plus their enormous pine that dumped needles and cones on four different properties (no one was sad to see IT go). So the backyard is a mess, but everyone pitched in yesterday to clean up the front and side yards and haul old debris off to the bark chip place where it will all be turned into useful sawdust. The back yard seems very exposed, very naked, but I already see possibilities for the space - a soaring eucalyptus, perhaps a few lilacs...sunflowers blooming against the fence. But things are happening and that's a good thing! Sometimes it takes a big deal like this to stir the creative juices.

This afternoon is BBQ time so we'll all gather together again, but to eat instead of work this time! (Well, eating all that food might be work, too!) So I'm making strawberry lemonade to contribute. The sun may not be shining today (fifty degrees and cloudy - boo) but we'll have sunshine in our glasses. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


knitxcore. said...

50 degrees! i'm the most jealous. it's one million here. i am going to sweat. to death.

Sayschnicklefritz said...

Lilacs yes! It's kind of awesome when we're forced to let something (like a sick tree, or old piece of furniture) go because it creates so many possibilities.
I have one question, though: Is it safe to use barkdust from trees that are infested with termites and termite larvae?

Erin Joy said...

Maybe they treat the sawdust with some kind of chemical to combat termite guts? Ewww... who knows?