Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's June!  It's still raining and the heat is still on, but it's June.  The water is high enough in the Willamette river that the Esplanade's floating bridge was closed.  There are hardly any roses in the Test Gardens for Rose Festival.  The grass in our backyard is two feet tall in places.  Everything is a shade of green or gray or wet (anyone living in the Pacific Northwest knows "wet" is indeed a color).  And yet... it's June!  Month of birthdays, start of summer (?) vacation and summer (?) camp.  Wet or not, there is a lot to look forward to in June!   


Katie Elizabeth said...

not if it keeps raining. Can you tell that I am feeling the wet (yes, wet is a feeling too.)

Anki said...

Oh, I know that "dry" is most definitely a colour and feeling. But you have "green" as a result which is far preferable as both a colour and feeling to "brown" let me tell you.