Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's a sleepy Wednesday - sleepy and wet.  It hasn't stopped raining all day.  Good thing the temperature warmed up just enough to keep it all from freezing (though it certainly still feels freezing cold to me!).  After the big preschool run we came back and have been doing art projects (Owen), napping (Aidan) and watching black and white movies (me) ever since.  I've still got a sink full of dirty dishes to wash - but it can wait until Aidan wakes up.  I've still got garbage to take to the curb - but it can wait too.  Sometimes it's nice to just sit and think and enjoy the (however brief) moments of stillness and quiet we make for ourselves.   

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Lynda said...

Did Santa ditch the reindeer for a modern day contraption?
I wish for you more quiet moments :)