Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New windows (insert sigh of relief here)

It's been a few weeks since our new windows were installed and I'm still amazed by the change in the light and sense of space in the house now.  The week before Christmas saw us replacing all the windows in the place, along with the sliding glass door, in a space of two days.  The kids loved watching the workers and we loved how quickly it all was done.  I can't believe we waited nine years to do this!  It was worth every penny - and JJ made sure we didn't spend more of those than we had to (I'm glad he's on our side sometimes!).  So even on a cloudy day like today I can sit in the new picture window downstairs and watch the trees blow in the wind or the neighbor kids running home from school - instead of looking at cruddy windows full of trapped cobwebs and ancient screens.  What a great way to begin a new year!


Lynda said...

It's a kid's world! Yours get it good!
Who should stop looking out my window???

Oiyi said...

How wonderful! New windows are awesome. I have been wanting to change the bedroom windows for the last few years but haven't done it yet. It's hard to fit it into the budget.