Monday, January 3, 2011

Mittens and hat required

Oh my gosh, but it's cold out there today!  The sky looks like a frozen blue expanse framed here and there by bare branches stirring in the wintry breezes.  We're back to the school routine, back to the weekly grocery shopping/menu planning/library haunting/floor sweeping/lunch making/errand running life we usually lead.  I'm glad, personally, because while the holidays are fun they are also extremely tiring and a bit disorienting.  Kind of like the vacation you need to take a vacation from.  We'll miss having Daddy home more, though - that part I could extend permanently!  Looking around at all the festive remains still scattered about the place I'm declaring January the Month of Major Purging.  It'll be a game: how many bags of stuff for Goodwill and the preschool rummage sale can we get into our car at one time??  Place your bets...

1 comment:

Lynda said...

I'm all for goodwill and rummage sales but I am a collector, hoarder, gatherer of stuff. I need you at my place desperately!
Sweet pic!