Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Drive the Cold Winter Away*

Well, yesterday's was our 200th post! Yipee! Alas - I don't have the give-away ready yet. Too much going on what with a weekend away, volunteering at preschool this morning and not enough time alone in the craft room. Sarah was over last night and we had too much fun looking at patterns, fabric and some *ahem* videos on youtube to get actual crafting done. The bobble bag is looking fabulous, though, Sarah. Remember: I WANT one.

So, I will be having a fun little giveaway soon - just not as soon as I wanted. That's ok. We roll with the punches around here. In the meantime I've been doing a lot of dreaming and note taking in my project book. There are just so many ornaments, keepsakes, and fun things to do these next few months. I know I won't get to them all, but I will be doing some holiday crafting here soon - and well into the next year, I believe. Need something to do in these dark dreary months, after all. Today the sky opened up just as evening fell and the rain came pouring down with a ferocity only seen in the movies. It was just the weather for hiding under the afghan while the kids napped.

*Do yourself a favor and listen to this cd by Loreena McKinnett. I listen to it endlessly all through the autumn and winter months and it's always perfect.


katielizabeth said...

Even though there are still a few golden leaves clinging to the branches, it seems winter is official now doesn't it? The rain, the cold, the dark. Ah well, all the better to to get cosy and crafty.

Dana said...

Winter is the best of reasons to hunker down and be creative - what would ever get done if we could play outside every day???