Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is what the floor of the office/craft room looks like right now. Crafting gone wild. I was searching for just the right beads for my latest felted tree when I made one false move and... bead pandemonium. Owen will be thrilled when he comes home from preschool. There is nothing he likes more than discovering and picking up beads. We'll just pretend that this was the plan all along, shall we?

Sorry I was absent yesterday. The ideas in my head look a lot like the floor right now - jumbled and tumbled together with no rhyme or reason. I've been scribbling furiously in my little projects notebook, but my thoughts still feel like a giant yarn snarl. Good thing there will be much crafting this Saturday when I head to the beach with the girls. I know - another Saturday away - do I have a great husband or what? So forgive me if I'm a bit distracted, a little confused and somewhat disorganized and generally disheveled. It's the holidays - that's all the excuse anyone really needs.


Dana said...

Sugarplums gone WILD!!!

katielizabeth said...

You mean your head feels just like mine? I mean, excuses, excuses, get your head on straight, girl!