Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crochet and a movie

Last night I had a "staycation" where I sat at my computer desk, watched movies and crocheted. I'm making Aidan a ball out of hexagons for Christmas. I'm hoping the colors, texture and general squishiness will appeal to his love of all things huggable.

Since I still have to pay attention to my crochet stitches I watched "The Royal Tenenbaums" for the dialog and the fabulous score and then "The 39 Steps" for the dialog and spooky Hitchcock drama. It's one of my favorites if not very well known or as slickly executed as his later works - mostly I love the end scene when the hero reaches for the heroines hand for reassurance. It tugs at the heartstrings every time.

Tonight I set aside holiday crafting just for a little while so I could start the fair isle portion of the cardi I'm knitting (just couldn't help myself) and so I can retire to bed before midnight (only just, mind you) with my book which I haven't had five minutes to read. Tomorrow is a long preschool day so I think I'll likely get more done - and maybe some laundry while I'm at it, though who can be bothered with that these days is beyond me. Just turn that shirt inside out and you'll be fine.


Dana said...

Do you remember the crocheted ball that I made Sarah when she was a baby? I put a jingle bell inside so that it would make noise when she played with it - deja vu or just coincidence?

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

How about great minds think alike?

Dana said...

There you go!

Sarah said...

I think I remember that.....? Was it christmas colored!?