Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweater weather

Bring out the knitwear. The winds brought down half the branches in the neighborhood last night. If ever I felt the need for a snugly warm sweater it's now. Dark clouds scud across the iron colored sky, punctured occasionally by a weak ray of sunlight. I know I'm supposed to be knitting exclusively for holiday gifts, but I feel a strong desire to churn out a sweater or three for myself. Brrrr.

This lovely red cabled number is the first sweater I bought during our honeymoon to Ireland seven years ago. It's a serious Sweater with a capital S. Pure merino wool, hand-dyed, hand-knit - hardy stuff. This one is from a shop in Galway and is quite fitted. I bought an azure blue one in Clifton which is much looser - great for layering over multiple t-shirts.

I guess for now I'll keep churning out the presents - but just wait: come January 1 I'm holing up with my wool and emerging only to sew up the seams...

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