Monday, September 21, 2009

Insert yarn here

This purple yarn was purchased at a lovely yarn shop in Newport (more photos of that soon - I promise). I'd like to use it for some kind of cowl, but not sure which pattern is just right. It's even darker in real life, and very very very very soft...

This is the evolution of the Catherine Wheel scarf I've been working on since I finished the elephant. I wish you could feel the softness of this yarn; silk and bamboo - warm and luscious. I'd thought to make this a present, but I'm growing more and more attached.

I plan to do a single crochet border in plum all the way around - no foofy scallops for this girl.

More beach photos to come - they're all on JJ's laptop which isn't cooperating with me tonight (nothing really is, actually). It's been ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Tomorrow is preschool! Wish us luck!


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Can't wait to hear Owen's description of his first day!