Sunday, September 20, 2009

Post Vacation

We are finally back and looking forward to school (!) while still reflecting on our delightful days spent in sun and sand. What a time we had! It was not a terribly relaxing vacation - more of a working vacation when you consider we still had to keep two eyes on the short ones - but there was much fun to be had. (And we each managed to find a minute or two to ourselves regardless.)

Now that we're back I'm reliving those Back To School days in earnest. There is a slight tremor of excitement laced with fear in my stomach, only I'm on the other side of the equation now. How will Owen do in school? Will he like the other kids? Will they like him?? Will I be able to step up and be a good preschool mom? We have to volunteer once or twice a month so I'll really be in the middle of everything. I just hope I can be organized and prepared for all this (I am not the most with-it person in the world as some of you may know). For now Owen is nothing but excited by the whole prospect - let's hope he still feels that way when he has to get up at eight o'clock on a freezing cold November morning.

But back to vacation. We really did the town. Beach-playing, shopping, dock-strolling, eating, cooking, fly-swatting, whale-watching, we did it all. The only bad part was an afternoon of agony-inducing food poisoning I had to suffer through after eating questionable clam chowder (with a chocolate milkshake chaser - you can imagine the carnage so I'll spare you further details). I was so pleased to have finished Elijah the Elephant in time for Aidan's birthday. He is rather cute, isn't he? So I have enough photos for several posts - so many that I think I will string them along for the next week. I'll be busy enough with preschool and haircuts and three-year-old-bad-attitudes and cranky-teething-babies.
The photos above were all taken by JJ on the last full day of our trip. The Yaquina lighthouse is lovely in the sunshine, and so are the views. The old battle-axe who told Owen he was too short to climb the stairs to the top, however, was not. JJ saw gray whales spouting that afternoon after a short hike to the top of an adjacent hill. The rest of us were all out doing other things so he got to have a nice moment to himself. Looks like an afternoon well spent to me.


katielizabeth said...

Eeee! Much squealing and jumping up and down... you are back! I am SO glad! I have missed you! So many things I have wanted to chat about, or comment on, or I have commented on, but have received no reply. Well, all that is over now. I hope that you had a fabulous time (except the food poisoning, I got that on my honeymoon on some oysters. Bad news, that) and that you are all refreshed.

You really have to volunteer once or twice a month? That is intense. I have never been very good at volunteering. I don't really like, um, well, small voice here, don't be mad... other moms??? Ok, so I do, you know, lots of them. It is just well, a certain type of PTA mom that I really don't get along with very well. Maybe I should have saved that for an email. (Cheery voice) but I'll bet all the moms you meet will be really cool!

Can you tell I missed you.
You will have to tell me how the whole school thing is for you, and all about the school and the teacher, etc. ad infinitum.

When do we get together?

Oiyi said...

Your vacation photos are so pretty! Best wishes to the kids going back to school. I use to have jitters the night before school started.