Sunday, April 29, 2012

Disappearing/Reappearing act

118:366 by erinjoyknits
118:366, a photo by erinjoyknits on Flickr.

 I disappeared this weekend, skipped town Saturday and made my way down past Eugene to stay with my favorite Cottage Grove family.  The drive is long(ish) but when you're savoring your solitude, a two and a half hour drive suddenly takes on epic qualities.  You can think (!) and entertain entire conversations in your head (!) and sing along with the radio (!) or turn it off (!) - all entirely on your own whims and caprices.  But meandering through the quaint streets of Cottage Grove, through antique stores and floral shops and bookstores on a warm spring afternoon?  A girl wouldn't dare wish for more.  And yet: there was still pizza, knitting and hilarious conversations till one a.m. to come.  A quiet night's sleep beside a window filled with starlight outlining the branches of a tree.  Coffee and hot chocolate and muffins with lots of butter, eaten with two terrific people for breakfast.  More hilarious conversation and knitting.  But wait!  That's still not all!  When I finally hit the road (eye liner perfectly in place) my car found its way to the yarn shop in the heart of Eugene - a Victorian house covered in flowers on the outside, filled with yarn on the inside.  I wanted to stay forever and never leave.  But of course I had three new-to-me pyrex casserole dishes in the car that couldn't wait to be introduced to the rest of the collection, so I pointed the car North and headed for home.  I came back to a quiet house in which to reorient myself, then was happy as anything to see my own sweet family pull into the driveway.  

If that isn't the best way to recharge on a weekend, I don't know what is.   

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Katie Elizabeth said...

Yay! It was super fun to have you, as always. We really must play more often.