Tuesday, October 5, 2010


autumn greens

The kids collected dozens of acorns at the park last week so we brought a few home to enjoy.  There are so many great crafts out there right now involving acorns and acorn caps.  Autumn leaf spirits, felted acorns, gnomes - the list goes on.  And they look nice in a little vase, too.  Autumn is always a good season for collecting, isn't it?  I remember Mom's glossy horse chestnuts collected on daily walks from the base of a huge tree on Belmont Street.  Come October there was always a bowl full by the front door.

rainbow babies

And speaking of collections - you already know about this obsession.  Gnome babies!  These were made for Owen's preschool and I have to say it isn't going to be easy to part with them.  I used mainly stash wool - which makes them thrifty little gnomes.

Come to think of it, gnomes and acorns were sort of made for each other, weren't they?  Maybe I'll make an acorn carrying case for them...they gotta live somewhere, right?


katielizabeth said...

Loving your pics lately. Oh, little acorn backpacks would be soo cute!

Kasia said...

Beautiful little gnomes! I think that autumn is the most inspiring season of the year... All those colors around and crispy cool mornings and October Sun...; I dream of warm sweaters and scarves and mittens... and feel the urge to buy lots of yarn in earthy colors...

Happy Fall Season,

Dana said...

And wouldn't you know, there's a beautiful big glossy horse chestnut on my side table right now, collected on a walk last evening - some things never change~

Oiyi said...

The gnome babies are so cute. I can't imagine having to part with them.