Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of the season

Well, I know it isn't fall yet (technically) but it IS the start of apple season!  I have to be honest, I was never a big apple fan.  Apples are fine and everything but I don't really care for apple products (apple pie, apple sauce, apple butter...); they're all very well and good, and I enjoy making them, I just don't want to eat them.  I know, I'm weird (the problem being is that none of those things are chocolate...).  Still, when we moved out here to the 'burbs I discovered that living on the edge of the country has its advantages.  Namely Oregon Heritage Farms, the best little apple orchard in our neighborhood.  I love this place!  The red barns, the homemade crafts, the local produce, the caramel corn, the fun girls at the sample table and the apples - oh, the apples are soooo good.  Even a jaded non-fan like me has to admit that they grow the sweetest, tartest, crunchiest apples around.  We ate some with our lunches today, slathered in crunchy peanut butter (my favorite way to eat an apple since I was the same size as my kids are today). 

And did I mention they have a giant inflatable bouncy apple?  If that doesn't make you love apples I don't know what will.


Oiyi said...

I love apples and apple desserts!

katielizabeth said...

I have to say I am with you on the apple desserts. I love a good crispy, tangy apple, but apple deserts are just... not chocolate, are they.

I love the photo of the light coming in through the windows of the barn, and the barrels in front. Gorgeous. I want to come and play!

Lynda said...

Chocolate is very very good but I am all for everything yummy and hot apple pie with icecream or whipped cream is delish :))
Looks like a fun place to visit.