Monday, August 16, 2010

Light and shadows

light and shadow 001

As the changeable season of autumn approaches I'm getting excited for new experiences. You know, that Back to School feeling that hits right about mid-August when the light just starts to shift. Don't get me wrong - there is still plenty of summer left, and that's good since summer never really got going until mid-July around here (I guess it was our penance for a warmish spring). Still, even as I'm anticipating our family's big summer get-away to the beach next month, my mind is turning to all things cozy: mugs of hot chocolate, cardigan sweaters with shawl collars, mittens, crunchy leaves, long socks...

Autumn is a season of light and shadows so I'm paying particular attention to those details these days. I haven't forgotten the lure of t-shirts and popsicle hues, but I will raise my glass of lemonade to toast the impending fall. (And go immediately back to my summer reading list.)

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Oiyi said...

I am so excited for Fall!