Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knitting bandwagon

Bella's Mittens by Marielle Henault

 There I was, sitting in my comfy red chair in the living room knitting the thickest, warmest mittens in creation - in 95 degree heat.  Why?  Well, for one thing I have a/c and could sit around in sweaters all summer if I wanted.  For another, I wasn't sure how difficult these would be so I wanted to start early in case it took me until November to finish them (even after two years of this knitting stuff I don't always gauge the complexity of a pattern correctly).  Instead they proved to be SUPER quick mittens taking just a couple of days to knit.  I was on fire!  I guess the thousands of knitters who've made these knew what they were doing.  Well, add me to the list!  Whatever your thoughts on the whole Twilight phenomenon, you have to admit these are fab.  Like another Ravelry member said, "Love or hate the movies, whoever was in charge of the accessories had really good taste."  I have to agree...especially when knit up in chunky Malabrigo (color: Violetas).  First time with the heavier weight yarn and I gotta say, it's nice stuff to work with (like there's such a thing as bad Malabrigo?).  Now go out and knit some mittens!


katielizabeth said...

oooh, squishy! As if I was not already jonesing for fall.

Kelly said...

your's are lovely too! i'll be knitting this pattern again i'm sure!

Kasia said...

Thank you for nice comment on my blog :)
Wow, the mittens look so cosy and warm! Beautiful. I need to knit some too- it's almost fall here with this cold wind and cloudy sky...

Happy day,