Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wake up muffins

What do you do when it's ninety degrees outside?  Me, I heat up the whole house from the inside out making chocolate-espresso-banana muffins (in two sizes!).  The ones in the paper cups are approximately the size of tater tots (hmmm, don't those sound good suddenly?).  The others are regular size, but the paper cups went missing so they are naked.  I'm waiting a little desperately to try these out but they are hot little mothers right out of the oven.  After a flurry of knitting I decided a little baking was in order.  Sunday saw us making more cinnamon chip scones which have proven to be a household favorite.  With a heat wave settling in on Portland (about time!) and surrounding areas we might have to think cooler for the next project - chocolate mouse pie anyone?

(*Update*  Uh...yum!)

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Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Oh those sound yummy :) - I laughed at your post because it's been 106 here in Connecticut and there I am baking away - guess this heat doesn't stop us true bakers!