Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No need to stay out of the water

Inspired by the creations of Dawn Finney I made this little guy over a period of two days for a friend's little granddaughter.  Jellyfish are cool, man.  Since it's for a toddler I used two different sizes of safety eyes instead of buttons and just went yarn fishing for random bits of acrylic.  He's squishy and huggy and downright silly.  I might need to make more...a fleet of jellyfish!

(According to the internet, the proper terms are a "smack" of jellyfish or a "fluther" of jellyfish.  I stand corrected.)


Kate said...

VERY cute! I will now call every flock, herd, group, team of animals "smacks" or "fluther" as they are the new coolest terms I have heard yet! Thank you for sharing that bit of information :) Keep that smack acomin'!

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Aren't collective nouns cool?!