Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stop the car!

The front garden is pumping out its best display of the year: dwarf Siberian irises.  These are show-stoppers, people.  I do next to nothing for them and yet they come back year after year, growing more beautiful each spring.  I bought the white ones on a whim and the blue/purples were a gift (bulbs for Christmas?  Yes!).  People walking their dogs stop and take photos with their cell phones.  My yard may look like a jungle most of the time, but in April and May I am ever so proud. 


Kate said...

sooooo pretty! ps. my parents just bought this divine green leather rocker/swivel chair, and it has "Kate's new knitting nook" written all over it! I just thought I'd share!

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Sounds excellent, Kate! You should post about it!

Lynda said...

Such a stunning display. I have similar ones that we call Dutch Iris in whites, purples and yellows.