Monday, May 17, 2010

The bees are back in town

Bee careful; our backyard is a hive of activity these days.  The ceanothus bush is finally in bloom and is practically humming with life.  Had enough bee humor yet?  I gotta tell you, these little buggers are hard to photograph.  The bush hasn't even come to full bloom yet, but it's late this season and the bees decided it was time to start the party already.  Despite its not-ideal location (right across from our back porch) no one has been stung in the nine years we've lived here (where's some wood I can knock on?).  I told the kids, "Just try not to look flowerish or in need of pollination and you'll be fine."  Aidan's blond head makes him look a bit like a dandelion poof, but hopefully the bees won't hold it against him.


katielizabeth said...

Love your pics. Great color and light. Those deep cobalts, and jades with orange!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful pics! I love this time of year. Good show on no one getting stung yet.