Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big day

Look!  Quick!  Don't blink or you'll miss...wait, never mind.  I should post this photo of our living room on the fridge so people know what the place is supposed to look like (as opposed to how it usually looks).

I thought about doing some house-wifey stuff today, but instead we went to OMSI with Grandpa (that's the Oregon Math and Science Institute for the uninitiated).  I have to say, I think we had more fun than if we'd stayed home for a laundry folding marathon, don't you?  There is nothing on the agenda save preschool tomorrow so the dust bunnies can free-range till then.  But today - whoa - today we got to see the skeleton of a T-Rex (the actual bones, mind you, none of this cast stuff), sat in a space shuttle, saw walking sticks and leaf insects, made sound waves visible and pushed every button in the place.  Good times...good times.  Now, who's for a nap?


Lynda said...

How do you do it super Mum?
Do you have a gorgeous lamp in every room. I love them.

Dana said...

A perfect home is the sign of a boring mind (or so I tell myself...)