Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sky high drama

Our skies are looking very dramatic these days. Now that spring is in full force we have the old "wait five minutes or walk five blocks" weather back again. Warm sun mixed with cold wind and everything in between. I love this weather. Layering is so much fun. Sitting in the sun this afternoon I was struck by the idea that in a few months I'll be stripping off every unnecessary item of clothing and ducking from one patch of shade to another, but at that moment I was turning my face full into the sun and shivering in my coat and stocking hat every time the wind blew. Owen is back to his old crazy self just in time for Easter weekend - we'll be hiding plastic eggs all over the house as it's supposed to rain like crazy this weekend (and from the look of those clouds, I don't doubt it!). Happy Easter, everyone!

1 comment:

Dana said...

You're a March baby - no wonder you love this weather!