Monday, April 5, 2010

No propeller on THIS beanie

Ok, ok, two posts in one day, I know. I really do have a life, I promise, but I finally got new batteries for the camera at the store today and really wanted to post photos of my new hat! I love this little lace beanie. It's soft and springy and just as perfect for windy days as sitting around the house. It took almost no time to knit and you've gotta love quick projects. It certainly passed the test today when we braved the hurricane winds for a quick trip for groceries. I hope we don't all blow away...!


Lynda said...

Love the hat!
I was just going to sneak another look at cute little Aidan.
I think we are like two peas in a pod. I really do have a life too, I promise :))

katielizabeth said...

I wish I looked that fab in a hat. I also wish I had 20's starlet hair like that, but one wish at a time:)

Also, If the two of you knew how much time I spend online...