Monday, April 5, 2010

18 months

Easter was dark and rainy for the most part, but Saturday last we participated in Grampa's company's Easter Egg Hunt. What fun! Aidan is just big enough to get interested in finding hidden treasures. He was certainly in fine form that day! I love that photo of him standing all by himself in the big field. Everything must look so big and faraway when you're so little. I can hardly believe he's a year and a half now. He says truck and up all the time. He climbs the tall chairs at his grandma's house. He eats whatever he can get his hands on (except vegetables) and is jealous of my knitting. He loves his brother. He's very silly and very serious at the same time. He looks just like his daddy. He's such a sweet little boy - and he has a very lucky mama.


katielizabeth said...

The only possible response to these posts is squealing 'cause he is Sooooooo adorable and sweet!

Oiyi said... sweet. It does go by faster.