Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where I utterly lose my mind

Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah - your thrums are sweet!

Ok - Do you want to see the most beautiful wrap in the whole world? This came direct from Melbourne, Australia, from the talented fingers of my wonderful friend Lynda. Really, people, presents don't get much better than this: handmade, my favorite colors and a total surprise. Christmas came early this year!

I was sitting up in the office knitting when the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and figured the package I was signing for was some computer thing JJ had sent to the house, but when I saw the Australian postmark I had to stifle a shriek lest I wake the baby up. I pounded up the stairs and sat my giddy self down at the desk to dive in - no way was I going to wait for this! It's a good thing there was no Do Not Open Til Christmas 'cause there's no way that was going to happen.

When I pulled this out I was floored. I've been wearing it ever since. I may not take it off all winter. Coincidentally I was wearing my favorite dark purple cashmere sweater - the absolute most perfect thing to wear with the scarf. Sigh. The only thing that made the day better was calling Lynda and thanking her - such a thrill to call so far away!

Thanks again, Lynda, you really made my day!


Lynda said...

You are so welcome. I wanted so much for you to get a surprise at receiving an unexpected parcel in the mail. It took all my strength not to blurt it out and tell you I'd sent it, let alone when I was knitting it! (Secrets are not my forte)
I'm so pleased you like it.
You're the best :)

katielizabeth said...

AHHHHhh! How exciting! It is beautiful! I know exactly what you mean, Lynda. When I am making something to give to someone special, and I know they are going to love it, I just get SO excited. Just beautiful!

Erin, I cannot wait to see it in person. Another perk... now you will know what to wear, like um everyday.