Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holy Schmittens!

As you may have noticed, I'm kind of the guest speaker on this blog. Its funny because I read the blog almost everyday (now that I OWN internet), but I haven't fallen into the blogging habit yet. I think that if I had a nice camera  I would be more into it. My phone is fine, but ya know! I think my big sis does a pretty good job of holding it down, right!? Three cheers for you sis!!

Well... something fairly exciting is that I not only finished the thrummed mittens I made for my friend Kristin, but I also managed to send them to her!! Holy cow, I'm on a roll. Here is their story through pictures. (I will post the final picture that she is supposed to send me asap)

        For some reason Milo isn't pleased. What gives? I almost left it as a kitty clown hat.

 Okay folks, we have a finger warmer. Close, but not quite there.

                                              I can't even believe it has a thumb!

 Seriously. I have to make another? And make it look similar? Ugh.

Snoop Dog!!! How did you weasel your way onto my blog? Man you are sneaky and awesome.

Ta Da!

Me looking silly, tired, and Happy!! Magnifique.

These last three photos were taken by the lovely B of Little Bird Big City. Also one of my
housemates and partners in crime. Thanks B! Okay, I've exhausted the use of the
exclamation point it's time to call it a post. Bye!


katielizabeth said...

The mittens look fantastic... And that Sneaky Snoop Dog made me laugh out loud right then and there.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Those shmittens are schmarvelous!

littlebirdbigcity said...

woop woop!

Dana said...

And the excellent crafting goes on - what's next, girls???