Thursday, November 5, 2009

Would you care for some tea in an acorn cup?

I give you the "Gnome House!"

Every gnome should have a place to hang his pointy hat, right?

I made this for the girl who invited Owen to her birthday party this Saturday. Just making the gnome babies didn't seem like enough so I canvased my craft books and found this little fairy house. It's the "Little Felt Houses" pattern from Toys to Sew by Claire Garland. Such a wonderful little book. I didn't feel like going to Kinkos and enlarging the patterns given so I winged it. The back of the roof is a little puckered, but a three year old isn't going to care.

I love all the little details - the roll-up door, the purple flower, the mushroom (the mushroom!!) and the vines crawling up the front. I would have loved this when I was little - heck, I love it now. Let's hope its new little owner will enjoy it just as much.


katielizabeth said...

OMG! Um, cute much?!

Rima said...

Super cute or what!