Monday, November 2, 2009

Late night crafting

JJ and I are sharing his computer at the moment, until the end of the week brings my new laptop. So while I was "patiently" waiting for my turn at the keyboard I decided to get this WiP out of my basket and onto our couch!

The crocheted top had been sitting there, mocking me, for months (according to Ravelry I'd started this pillow top in MAY!) and as it happens, my friend Ann gave me a little pep talk on making my own pillow as I had had no luck in finding a round pillow form (really, not one in this whole two-bit town). I think this fabric looks great as the back, don't you?

Moss and Sky Circles Pillow

Well, the finished result is VERY homemade looking, but then why not? It is homemade! Owen took a nap on it this afternoon - and he NEVER takes naps willingly - so it must be a good one. Soft and squishy and mine all mine.

And, yes, I did get my turn for screen-time...after I'd finished sewing up the seams!