Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumn musing

Alas, there were no walks in the park today. The edge of Owen's cold nicked me today so we stayed in and watched movies. It was a mostly gray windy day if the view out the window was any judge. Strangely warm, but I wouldn't really know.

This electric blue sky was the view just a few days ago. Brilliant. Most of the leaves on this tree are gone now. Such a fleeting season. It seems so much shorter than all the others - maybe because it's the season that makes me want to hang on to it the most. Or maybe because it's the most dramatic season, all the colors changing, the leaves falling. A season of contrasts: show-stopping beauty against the heartbreak of early darkness. The days are short then shorter. The leaves are gorgeous then they're gone.

My goodness...how dramatic!

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