Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving on

Well, it was really a great trip. But now I'm ready to get back to the minutiae of daily life. There are holidays to prepare for, school to attend, meals to cook and laundry to do. The daily grind is back, but it carries with it a sense of excitement as we look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and all the promise that those words hold. I'm ready for knee-high socks and Shepard's pie, cashmere sweaters, lots of knitting (more on that soon), and cold walks through the neighborhood to collect beautiful leaves. Yes - here's wishing everyone a happy autumn!

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katielizabeth said...

I am ready too. I have an itching in my toes to settle in for a nice knit. I have and inching in my fingers to make some special delights, and decorate, and celebrate. It is kind of a butterflies-in-the-tummy, giddy, cozy feeling, and I am diggin' it!