Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sorry for being absent yesterday, it was just too hard to relive the "unfortunate" events on the day they happened. Today, however, the sun is shining again and I can laugh because even though it seems to take forever, LIFE GOES ON!

To recap:

Owen peed and pooped his way through three pairs of underpants. Much mopping of floors ensued.

I dropped a glass of chocolate milk on the kitchen floor. Much mopping of floors, cabinets, walls and - yes - ceiling ensued.

In gathering up the garbage to go out, I broke a vase that was living beneath the sink - since it was contained behind a locked cabinet, the shattered pieces are still there - mopping will ensue AFTER I gather the strength to clean up the shards.

After I went upstairs, having put the boys to bed (I thought), Owen got out his watercolors and painted his carpet and light switch and walls and himself. Much scrubbing and mopping and (silent) swearing ensued.

So. That was my Wednesday. How was yours??


Oiyi said...

Omg, you had a tough day!! I hope today is better.

I had a tiring day of running after my little one. BUT I went to my knitting group and got to see Brooke. Someone in the group hosted the meet up and there was plenty drinks and food. It was a good night.

katielizabeth said...

Wow. I am not going to even bother. It was better than that.