Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"The Ceiling is High When You're Short" by Owen

Cooper Mountain may have to wait - grocery shopping took all our time this morning and there is still a ton of laundry to do (not to mention vacuuming and mopping). Sigh. And did I mention a shower would be nice right about now?

Last night was Armageddon. Aidan started in and was quickly followed by Owen until there was so much crying in the house you'd think we lived in the monkey house at the zoo. My solution? A half an hour of Scooby-Doo at midnight. Seemed to work well enough, though Owen slept with us for most of the rest of the night. Just wait, in a few years they will BOTH be trying to sleep with us...or maybe they will just crawl in with each other. One can hope.

So we're a bit tired today, a little listless and certainly looking forward to bedtime (at least this mama is). Tomorrow we will start again - and see Nana off on her Alaskan cruise.

(Please ignore the quiet looks of desperation - they'll pass soon enough - after all, I have my cottage in the Arctic, right?)

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katielizabeth said...

Poor mama! I think that you should forestall bedtime crowding by putting them in the same room when they both have big boy beds. They may irritate the heck out of each other, but at least you will get rest. Maddie crawled into bed with us until about the age of 7. Maybe boys are different. What does Lynda have on that one? She is the expert!