Monday, August 3, 2009

90 feels chilly somehow

Since it wasn't akin to the blistering sands of the Kalahari desert outside, we went out in the lovely sunshine to play in the fountains across from the Beaverton Library.

The sun sparkled in the water and all was right in the world. We strolled over to the library and checked out a Clifford movie (for Owen) and books (literary places and knitting) for me. We read a book about pigs dressed up like firemen. It's been so long since I enjoyed the fruits of the library - I am almost drawing a blank at the abundance. So many books, movies, games! They even have cultural passes now so you can get into places like the Japanese Gardens for free.

I look forward to when Aidan can better join in. He got to splash a bit and took a turn in the swing, but he's still a bit sidelined. Not for long, I can tell you. Now if only some more teeth would come through and end the constant crying...

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