Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Time for the monthly post - for anyone still bothering to visit!  Life is full these days - so full there hasn't been much incentive to stop long enough to blog about it; but for a winter's sunset, I'll make time.  This one stopped everyone in their tracks.  I even called JJ to tell him to step out of his windowless office for a quick look.  Beauty like this shouldn't go unnoticed by anyone.  I kept running outside with my camera every few minutes, trying to capture each changing nuance as the colors blended and separated, deepened and darkened, then finally faded altogether.  In these dark damp days of winter, as the light gets ever more scarce on its way toward solstice, it's nice to know there is occasionally something bright and dazzling to stir our souls.

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Lynda said...

Beautiful photos. Love the contrast with the silhouette of trees. The photos remind me of the view from here when the nearby hills are on fire :) That's not funny of course, it's dreadful, but there is that same fire in the sky look.