Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall table

I'm all about the kitchen table these days.  I love spending time here reading, writing, watching movies and drinking heavily flavored coffee.  Last week when the million-mile winds blew through the neighborhood I watched the trees toss and turn, saw leaves spinning across the dried out lawn.  I spend a lot of time letting black cats in and out of the sliding glass door.  A lot of planning and dreaming goes on here, a lot of sipping and noshing and snacking.  Homework, too - we're in the thick of it with math problems and spelling words.  If I could, I might just spend all day here - but then I wouldn't get out to pick flowers for a centerpiece - and we can't have that!


Dana said...

Just think of all the activity that has happened around that table, and all that is still to come~

Lynda said...

Yes there are fun times to be had around the kitchen table!