Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Salty and sweet

So after all the blackberry pies and pickles I've been making lately, my girl Lindsay and I decided something new and potentially fabulous was in order.  On the menu today?  Chocolate salted caramel donut holes.  Every bit as wonderful as you might imagine.  Actually, more than one and I would be ferociously sick, I think, but one is really all you need.  Good lord but these are good!  Food photos are notoriously hard to shoot - close ups tend to make me a little queasy, but I couldn't let this experiment go without documentation, right?  Next up we're thinking maple flavored... or cinnamon?  Mmmm... and there's nothing wrong with plain ol' chocolate.  They were kind of messy (all that oil!), but I would make them again.  (And again, and again, and again...)


Robert Dulaney said...

oh wow! those look incredible!!!!!!

Kasia said...

wow wow wow! They look so delicious! I wish I could have been there with you to eat them!