Monday, July 9, 2012

Heaven in a jar

So, yeah, these are probably the best things I've ever made.  Holy moly, I had no idea making your own pickles could be so easy.  I'd heard rumors, of course.  Brooke's always look fabulous (as do most of her culinary endeavors) and I've read about the joys of making your own, but I never really thought it would be my thing.  I mean, pickles - so what?  It's my sister that loves pickles, not me.  I certainly enjoy the occasional pickle (especially if they're of the hot spicy variety), but the pickled vegetables you see in the grocery store never appealed, nor did the overly sour kind found at some restaurants.  But these pickles... THESE pickles are SO FREAKIN' GOOD.  The recipe is from Ted Allen (love his glasses), which I found published in the Food Day insert of the Oregonian a few weeks ago.  Something inside said, "This looks like fun.  Give it a go."  Am I glad I did!  I may never buy pickles again. 

Sarah - when you come back there will be a jar waiting (if I can keep myself from eating them all, that is.)!


Dana said...

A new art form is born - yum!

Sarah said...

I can't wait. Wish I had some for tour.
They look beautiful!