Sunday, June 17, 2012

Down on the farm

The boys and I met up with Auntie and Ryan at Dad's house last Friday for a little R&R in the country.  This place is a kid utopia: acres of woods to explore, a creek, three ponds full of giant goldfish and trout, lawns that stretch on for longer than a kid can run without stopping for a breath, gardens, old tires to roll, a back-hoe to operate, a golf cart for bumpy rides down the hill, chicken eggs to collect, and more.  For us grown ups the Frisbee match and the flank steak was probably the highlight - but it's hard to really nail it down, you know?  Sometimes you can just say you had a great time and it's enough - because it really was.   Thanks, Dad.  Happy Father's Day. xoxoxo


Lynda said...

I want to live there! Beautiful photos.

Yarny Days said...

Oooh. What great pictures. I want to move there!