Sunday, January 15, 2012


For once the weathermen didn't lie - they promised snow, and snow we got!  So nice to see some of the white stuff coming down.  We all come out of our houses, still in our flannels with cardigans thrown hastily on, to stand on our front porches, watching the flakes rush down, waving at each other with goofy grins.  The kids rush out in boots and no coats until Mom calls them back, woolens in hand.  Then, bacon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast followed by hours of quiet on the couch with knitting in hand and movies on the laptop.  How good can a snow day get?


Oiyi said...

Pretty! We have not had snow yet. Not that I am complaining. :-)

knitxcore. said...

that sounds perfect! i'm in need of good snow day, i think! i think it's so weird that daffodils keep popping up! i'm worried what they'll look like in the spring after all these false starts.

Katie Elizabeth said...

Mmmm, cinnamon rolls and bacon. Snow days are good.