Monday, January 9, 2012

East meets West

We were lucky to get into the Chinese Gardens early last Saturday before the hoards of people showed up to take advantage of the free admission.  If you ever get the opportunity, the Chinese Gardens in downtown's China Town is not to be missed.  Even on a chilly gray January day there was much to admire, from the early blossoms of the forsythia to the enormous koi swimming ponderously in the still pools.  We took the MAX train down and gave Aidan the thrill of a lifetime - he who is in love with trains, but had never been on one - and I think that was just as enjoyable, really, as the destination.  Sometimes it really is about the journey.  Still, I went camera happy once we got into the gardens and snapped at every curved roof line, every sculpted rock and every potted tree (are they still called Bonsai if they're not Japanese??) in sight.  Next time I'm going to go by myself, by train, and sit in the tea house, contemplating the stillness of a persimmon tree in winter, or listening for the sound of one hand clapping, that sort of thing, you know?


Katie Elizabeth said...

Yep, one hand clapping. I know which foot was yours! I especially like the photo second from the top, or the yellow buds. Very pretty.

Lynda said...

The close up of the persimmon tree is awesome and an equal favourite for me with the koi. Love the reflections in the water. It's a great shot.

knitxcore. said...

so pretty! i wish there was something like that near me! gah!