Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas FO rundown

 Quickie Cowl by Fawn Pea

Clockwork by Stephen West

 One Night Sweater by Anna & Heidi Pickles

Really Warm hat by Melissa LaBarre

For someone who said she wasn't going to knit a lot for people this Christmas... I kind of knit a lot.  I actually made two of the Quickie cowls (one in cream for Owen's adorable kindergarten teacher, the one in purple for my MIL), and that was my second Clockwork (the first one, in black and gray, was for JJ's brother last Christmas).  Then there was also the Twenty Ten sweater thrown into the mix.  The hat was my final FO of the season - about the only thing I could concentrate on while suffering from this darn cold.  Now I'm itching to cast on...something.  I have many bold plans, but not much energy to implement them yet (curse you offending germs!), and yet I can't bear to just sit around on my - ahem - laurels.  Wouldn't a set of natural colored felted bowls look lovely for the new year?  Or some winter gnomes in shades of white and gray?  What are you beginning the new year with?


Lynda said...

The cowl is lovely but gosh I can't take my eyes off that chair.
Grey and white gnomes - now I could do that :) I might finish them in time for Winter :)

knitxcore. said...

WOW!!!! so many things!