Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm dreaming

Nearly every morning we're waking up to this.  The frosty leaves on the ground make for slippery walking to school every morning, but the frosty leaves in the garden are quite lovely - especially close up.  A little snow would be nice...  We're up to our ears in holidaying (I swear it's verb now) so I'm relieved to finally have the house decorated and the tree lit.  It's positively heavy with ornaments - next year we're going to need two.  Our crafting ideas are beginning to take shape, but considering the secret nature of those ideas I guess sharing will have to wait for January when we can have a December retrospective!  I can say, however, that said plans involved wood, paint and lots of glue.  I have a preschooler and kindergartener - makes that LOTS of glue.  I'm thinking about warm yummy treats to make (homemade pop tarts anyone?) and warm cozy knits to start (two hats down, one to go).  This time of year is a little crazy, but the spirit is alive in our house - how about yours?


knitxcore. said...

we're getting there. finals always sort of dampen the mood. one week left!!!!!!

Oiyi said...

The pics of the frost are gorgeous. They look like sugar frosted.