Saturday, November 26, 2011

Knitters, start your engines

Hello, there.  My first Christmas present is done: the Butterfly Stitch hat by Sofiya Cremin.  Gramma Joy can wear it this winter with the red scarf I made her last year.  

I keep saying I'm going to scale back this year - my fingers only go so fast, after all - but I just don't think I can help myself!  The sewing machine is so cheerful and inviting, the yarn so soft between my fingers.  There is just so much goodness out there to work with.  And after the flurry of sewing I just experienced, I kind of feel invincible.

Uh oh.  The craft gods heard that, didn't they?  Quick - someone squeeze some Malabrigo before I'm doomed!    


Kasia said...

Beautiful hat in a very delicious color!

Lynda said...

You are doing well to have the hat finished already but you need to keep those needles click clacking away.Gramma Joy will be toasty warm in that!

Oiyi said...

You are so nice and generous with your handmade gifts.

knitxcore. said...

i'm definitely scaling back this year! this looks great! i love your yarn choice :-)