Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Afternoon walk

If the morning was a soggy walk to school, the afternoon proved to be a sunny walk in the woods!  No one expected the sun to make an appearance, but we were sure glad it did.  The woods near our house are lush and quiet, but autumn makes them seem even quieter somehow.  It isn't a huge space, but just the right size for small people to exercise their imaginations and explore.  The light filtered through the lemon yellow leaves, illuminating our path ahead.  There were hollow trees to explore, fallen logs to walk across, treasures to share.  And when we were done, our feet tired and our bellies hungry, there was one last giant green field to cross to our car (and two rather large mud puddles to splash in first).  That night, as soon as the sun went down, the fog rolled back in and the rain started.  Looks like our November reprieve came just in time!


Anki said...

What a beautiful place, you're lucky to have it close by for afternoon walks.

Now, I know you know this already, but the reason those woods are so glorious and dappled and green and home to trolls and fairies is because of the rain.

Rain, rain beautiful rain. We had some today (lovely Spring rain). Took me by surprise rather like the sun took you...washing is wet on the line but I don't care a bit!

Dana said...

There must certainly be a kids' book hiding among those pictures...