Friday, October 7, 2011


A little dark, but I'll take it.  I made challah bread yesterday, just because it seemed like the thing to do.  I like the crunchiness of the crust, actually.  I think my favorite part is thumping the bottom of the loaf to see if it's done - sounds just like a drum.  For anyone afraid to try their hand at baking bread, try this one - it's so easy, from the Joy of Cooking, no changes, no fancy ingredients.  I kneaded it twice (once in the bowl, once on an oiled cutting board), let it rise three times (first in the oven which I had warmed slightly, then in the fridge, then on top of the stove while I made dinner).  I didn't use any machinery - just a bowl, a wooden spoon and my hands.  You can do this!  Next on my list of things to try: pop-overs.  I'll keep you posted.


Sarah Scriberson said...

I love it! Challah is one of my favorite breads to bake. Your muffins look pretty good too- I'm thinking of trying those this weekend.

Lindsay said...

Love it! It did rise nicely. Makes me want to take mine out of the machine, twist it and braid it. :)