Thursday, April 28, 2011

No time to say Hello, Goodbye!


Gosh, but the end of this week is simply fraught with over-scheduling!  I cannot believe how much there is to do before we can leave Sunday for our week long vacation in Bend.  When I get there (after getting everything squared away - and you know how much time that takes!) I'm going to find a quiet chair, a cup of hot chocolate and just SIT.

But until then I must:
*do copious loads of laundry so we have enough to wear on said vacation
*pack all that stuff up
*decide what knitting to pack (um, all of it??)
*make banana bread because there are some very black-looking specimens in the fruit basket
*clean out the fridge so we don't come home to a revolting smell
*plan a lunch menu for friends who are visiting from out of town (one as far away as Boston!) on Saturday
*work at preschool all day tomorrow, first volunteering in the classroom for three hours, then at the rummage sale for two
*work at the rummage sale for two more hours on Saturday, just before our guests are to arrive
*try to stay awake for all of it

Man, I'm earning this vacation!


Lynda said...

Super mamma! Good luck with all that. You know you are going to need another vacation after the vacation just to recover from said vacation!

Liu said...

So much work!!!

PS. Oh, laundry.. have to do that thing too :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

Don't forget to make a paper list so that you can cross stuff off!

Anki said...

Oh I missed this post as I was busy getting the same sort of things ready for our recent trip. I stick all by black bananas in the freezer to buy time and then squoosh them out to make banana bread or smoothies when I have time or the freezer is too full of ugly black bananas. Hope your trip was fun!

Oiyi said...

Have a great time!